Out on the Fields

The First International Study on Homophobia in Sports

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Who is organising the study?

"Out on the Fields" was initiated by organisers of Bingham Cup Sydney 2014, the world cup of gay rugby, in consultation with the Sydney Convicts Rugby Club and the International Gay Rugby Association and Board. The organisers are also working in partnership with the You Can Play Project (www.youcanplayproject.org), which helps professional sporting organisations tackle homophobia, and with the Federation of Gay Games, the governing body for the world's largest sport and culture festival open to all. 

IGRAB, the governing body for the Bingham Cup, is a member of the FGG, and FGG and You Can Play are both members of the LGBT Sports Coalition, working to end homophobia in sport.

The survey, analysis and final report is being overseen by internationally respected and leading experts on homophobia in sport at 6 universities:

Caroline Symons, Victoria University, Australia|

Grant O’Sullivan, Victoria University, Australia

Pat Griffin, University of Massachusetts, United States

Sue Rankin, Pennsylvania State University, United States

Ian Rivers, Brunel University, United Kingdom

Sandra Kirby, University of Winnipeg, Canada

Guylaine Demers, Laval University, Canada

The online survey is being conducted, pro bono, by Repucom, a global leader in sports research. In Australia, similar data will be collected in future years by the Australian Sports Commission. This follows a commitment by all major, professional Australian sports to implement changes and policies, by September 2014, to 'eliminate' homophobia. The research by the Australian Sports Commission will track the effect of these changes on sporting culture. Once the "Out on the Fields" research is completed, organisers will make the raw data publicly available, by request, with the hope that academics and organisations around the world will undertake future research. Please email

Why should I take part?

This survey takes less than 10 minutes to complete but your contribution will have tremendous benefits. Many sporting organisations around the world are considering changes to sporting culture to make sports more welcoming for gay, lesbian and bi-sexual people. They need information on the prevalence of homophobia. Researchers around the world have been studying the issue for a number of years, but this is the first time an international study has been conducted. We will be able to compare countries and the hope is similar research will be undertaken in coming years to see if there have been positive changes. We need you to help us shed light on this issue.

Will "Out on the Fields" look at sporting issues for the gender diverse community?

This study is focused on understanding the experience of sexual minorities in sport. Researchers at various universities who have looked at gender diversity and sexuality issues in sport have found that while some issues are similar, many are quite different.  Although this study is focused only on issues of sexuality, the organisers do feel that it's very important to specifically study gender diversity issues in sport. They hope this research will help motivate future research into sport and gender diversity. This survey is not gender specific and so those who identify as 'gay, lesbian or bi-sexual' regardless of gender identity, are still welcome to participate.

Who do I contact for more information?

For media inquiries contact Erik Denison. Email: media@binghamcup.com or Call: +614 0099 6560

For other questions or comments please contact outonthefields@binghamcup.com

Where do I get help and support?

LGBT Helpline.
1890 929 539.

National Lesbian and Gay Switchboard.
0300 330 0630.

National Crisis Line Directory and Referral Service.
1866 996 0991.
Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender (GLBT) National Youth Talk line.
1800 246 7743

United States-
(888) 843-4564.

1800 184 527
http://www.glcsnsw.org.au/ or http://www.helplines.org.au

New Zealand-
0800 OUTLINE (6885463).


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